Wednesday, November 7, 2012

OK. I haven't blogged in a while, basically because I lost track and failed.
I still did the exercises, but wasn't training as hard as I should. I gave into temptations, I had that extra Nutella, extra piece of chocolate and so on…
Frankly, I was even too scared to go on the scales. I haven't been losing weight been gaining and plateauing, which is every disappointing. 

I thought about it and I've decided on sign up again to the 12wbt for Round 4! I really do like the foods and the workouts and the motivation to be doing it with others. After much reflection, I know exactly where I fault. I eat extra. I give in, thinking its only a piece, its only once I'm doing it, however it all adds up!

Every thing that you put in your mouth is calories!

I think that motivation quote below is my light bulb moment. I will still take a picture of my after for Round 3 just to see if there is any changes, even though I myslef can't physically see any.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Wahhh! I gained 500g!!!!!! And its not even that time of the month..

I ate heaps yesterday..but that probably has nothing to do with it..

I don't know what to do..Should I continue or just give up..

How hard is it lose weight and how easy it is to put it back on..

I thought I worked pretty hard last week as well..

So hard!

I need to be inspired again to continue..